Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Biar Betul Proton Bagi Jaminan niH???

# Macam yg kita tau....ProtoN & Masalah Power Windows mmg tak dapat dipisahkan dr dulu sampai now....mmg dari umur keta shari sampai la berpuluh tahun, kalau kita masih guna motor power windows asal-OEM proton punye, berani potong kuku punya akan rosak bila dpt keta, cpt2 la tukar kepada motor power windows dr matahari terbit punya brand...hahahahha....sure kekal & TAHAN LAMA....hehehe...
# Tapi dengan jaminan yg pihak Proton kasi ni, ini sudah lebih dari bagus...maksud nye, depa tau problem keta yg diorg keluarkan....hehehe...

Sumber : MotorTrader
Lifetime Warranty for Proton power windows

Posted on October 17, 2011 09:30 PM
Mention ‘Proton’ and to many Malaysians, ‘power window problems’ will come to mind. That is how strong the stigma is – even though the problem is a non-issue these days. It is so embedded in Malaysian lore that it is even mentioned in a local movie!

For Proton Group MD, Dato' Sri Haji Syed Zainal Abidin B. Syed Mohamed Tahir (DSZ), it is an issue that he inherited when he joined the company in 2006 and since then, it has frustrated him because the problem is gone but Malaysians keep talking about it.

The final straw for him must have come when some months back, he got into a Waja taxi at KLIA to go home. The driver didn’t notice it was the Proton Group MD as it was at night. At the toll plaza, the driver didn’t press the button to wind down the window to pay toll but instead opened the door… a sight is not uncommon in Malaysia.

Observing what had happened, DSZ asked the driver if there was something wrong with the power window, to which the driver said ‘no’. So why didn’t he use it? The answer: “Because my friends told me there are problems with Proton power windows, so better not to use!” You can imagine how DSZ must have felt (and he said his wife was having a good giggle about it) and upon reaching home, he gave his business card to the driver who was surprised to learn who his passenger was. He urged the taxi driver to use the power windows and assured him that if ever they failed, he could contact DSZ directly and it would be fixed free of charge.
The power window failures decreased quickly after the Waja CAMPRO was launched as it had an entirely new module design. Since then (2007), power window failures have been a non-issue - but the public just won't forget

That episode, which DSZ tells many people, shows just how the power window stigma won’t go away and remains a thorn in Proton’s image. Undoubtedly, the company’s products are of a quality higher than ever before, largely due to the strong focus that DSZ had when he came to Proton. Not one to sit in his office and leave the car production to the factory people, he is personally involved in production matters, walks around the plant all the time, and even more significantly, he pays attention to what customers say. At one stage, he even interacted with them at Motor Trader’s forum (in earlier days when he had more time to spare).
Many will also remember at the launch of the Exora where he was up on stage, on nationwide TV too, acknowledging that Proton had been known to have a problem with power windows. In my books, that scored a lot of points because he was open and honest about it and didn’t treat it like a ‘dirty secret’ to be denied. I think he also impressed many Malaysians that evening.

How to bring closure to this power window thing was on his mind for a long time and finally, he decided that the only way is to be bold and prove that Proton is confident the power window problems are gone. Of course, there will be the odd case – it happens to every manufacturer – but not to the extent like before where it happened to so many cars like an epidemic.
“I did look into the matter when I joined Proton and after 2007, we had a new power window module designed and installed in all the cars. From that year on, I can safely say the power window issue was history but the Malaysian public just can’t seem to forget about it,” he said during a media briefing this morning. “Correcting this perception is a challenging but necessary task and it saddens us that customers purchase Proton cars whilst questioning the quality of our power windows – to the point that they refuse to use it for fear of damaging it!”

So he is going to ‘put his money where his mouth is’, as the saying goes, and today announced that Proton will offer a Lifetime Warranty on power windows, subject to terms and conditions of course. The money set aside for this warranty is RM3 million over a period of 10 years but with his confidence that the problems are not existent, the actual cost will be minimal.
The four items that are covered under the Lifetime Warranty but DSZ is confident they won't fail
“What’s important for us is that the matter comes to an end. We can’t change what happened in the past but we can make a difference for the future,” he emphasized, and apologized to owners who had, in the past, experienced power window problems.

The Lifetime Warranty will be offered on all Proton models registered in Malaysia from September 1, 2011 onwards. It will also be applicable for units which were registered prior to this date and are still under Proton’s warranty as at September 1, 2011. For owners with cars in the latter category, it is necessary to register at an authorized Proton service centre to get a certificate and have the warranty activated.

The ‘fine print’ also states that only four specific items are covered by the warranty – the run channel, power window motor, door regulator and power window switch. There is no limit on the number of times a claim in made.

It is important for owners to note that the warranty requires them to fully comply with the scheduled maintenance intervals as specified in the Service Booklet and they therefore need to keep records of having sent their car for such servicing. This is a normal requirement by all manufacturers, especially concerning long warranties, because they need to periodically check the areas covered so that any problems can be detected early and rectified before damage and inconvenience to the customer occur.

Understanding that fleet operators like taxi drivers will clock very high mileage in a short time, DSZ said that the company will be having discussions with such customers to work out a separate provision for them.

Lagi rujukan : Dari ArenaKereta

Jaminan ‘power window’ Proton seumur hidup mulai 1 September 2011

Di dalam laman web rasmi mereka, Proton Holdings Berhad telah mengemaskini maklumat terkini berkenaan jaminan seumur hidup cermin tingkap kuasa, atau lebih popular dengan panggilan ‘power window’. Sebelum ini isu kualiti power window kereta keluaran Proton seringkali diperkatakan, sehingga timbul tanggapan bahawa kereta Proton tidak berkualiti. Dengan jaminan seumur hidup yang diberikan oleh Proton, rakyat Malaysia sepatutnya sudah boleh menarik nafas lega, tak payah pening kepala lagi kalau power window rosak, jaminan kan seumur hidup.

Berikut ialah beberapa perkara penting yang anda perlu tahu berkenaan jaminan yang diberikan, antaranya semua jenis model kereta Proton yang masih berada di bawah jaminan pengeluar pada 1 September 2011, kini dilindungi oleh jaminan seumur hidup power window (Power Window Lifetime Warranty). Model-model kereta tersebut termasuklah Wira, Perdana, Waja, Iswara, Savvy, Gen2, Satria Neo, Persona, Saga, Exora dan Inspira. Jaminan tersebut pula hanya terpakai di pasaran Malaysia sahaja.

Terma & Syarat :

1) Jaminan seumur hidup terpakai untuk tempoh 10 tahun usia kereta, atau perjalanan kereta sehingga 250,000km bermula dari tarikh pendaftaran (yang mana lebih awal)

2) Jaminan tersebut adalah tertakluk kepada pematuhan penuh jadual berkala perkhidmatan penyelenggaraan yang disyorkan sebagaimana yang dinyatakan dalam Buku Perkhidmatan (Sercive Booklet) yang akan dijalankan di mana-mana pusat servis PROTON yang bertauliah dan sah.

3) Mana-mana model kereta Proton yang didaftarkan sebelum 31 Ogos 2011 dan masih di bawah waranti pengilang akan memerlukan pendaftaran jaminan sistem power window (Power Window System Warranty Registration) yang sah.

4) Jaminan seumur hidup power window hanya meliputi empat komponen mekanisma cermin tingkap kuasa iaitu ; run channel, power window motor, door regulator and power window switch.

5) Jaminan seumur hidup power window hanya boleh dituntut di semua pusat servis bertauliah Proton.

dB : Ini Sudah Bagusssss..............




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